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Large selection of used Iphone, Samsung and Huawei mobile phones. 24-hour express delivery by the courier of your choice. Reliable and transparent quality control. 100% customer oriented attitude.

Guaranteed quality, reasonable price

Purchase and sale of used mobile phones

Second Round buys and sells used mobile phones. We offer your company a large selection of Iphone, Samsung and Huawei models. All the mobile phones we sell have undergone a thorough quality control with the testing software Neva Systems and have received an objective and reliable evaluation according to their condition

Our values:

Personalization and a client-oriented approach have been a top priority for Second Round from day one. While most companies have their established processes already in place, with no room to take into account the customer's preferences and wishes, we have had a fully customer-centric approach from the very beginning. The main difference between us and our competitors is that it is always important for us to be concrete and transparent with our customers and partners. In out communications we are straightforward and honest - less talk and more action.

Lower costs = higher profits

Limited resources are one of the basic characteristics describing entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is extremely important to cut costs and channel the available resources actually towards developing your business. Often, used mobile phones are written off long before their actual lifetime is over, so the same device can still work reliably for many years. However, the price of second-round mobile phones is much more affordable. At Second Round we aim to offer businesses a wide range of used phones, all of which have passed through our thorough quality control. That way, you can save on costs and put all the remaining capital into developing your business.

A wide range of quality phones (Apple, Samsung, Huawei)

We at Second Round care about our customers having the best possible technology, allowing them to put all their energy into growing their business. That's why our choice of products offers a wide variety of phones from the leading manufacturer. From Second Round, you can choose between all Apple Iphone models, as well as many of the newer Samsung and Huawei models. Let us know which models you choose and we will deliver these to you in due course.

Convenience and speed

Business is often dynamic and fast-changing, therefore it is important to get things done quickly and conveniently. One of our biggest goals at Second Round is to provide solutions that take this into account and follow this principle. That's why we have the easiest return shipping on the market, for which you always receive an instant credit invoice. That way, you don't have to worry about a slow and complicated process, but rather you can get things done conveniently and quickly, so that most of your time is spent doing the core work instead of administrative tasks.

Smaller ecological footprint = sustainable business

Nowadays, the importance of being environmentally friendly is increasing rapidly and the company's reputation depends largely on how sustainable its business operations are. A small ecological footprint is no longer a luxury that only eco-products can afford, but is an essential part of building trust and customer relationships for any business. Given that in our increasingly digital world, technology has a large ecological footprint, one of our values at Second Round is to offer companies the opportunity to do business in a more environmentally friendly way, reducing their own ecological footprint and thereby further enhancing their reputation and trust in the eyes of their customers.


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